Discover The World's Biggest Dirtbag


Why Better Packaging? Simply put, it’s better—and in more ways than one!

As e-commerce was on the rise, Kate and her business partner, Beck, realized the massive heaps of garbage that was being produced to ship out everyday products around the globe! No surprise here that it’s not sustainable for the environment. What these two boss babes from New Zealand did in response to this growing trash crisis, was create their own compostable packaging famously named the “Dirtbag”. They made it fun, irresistible, and a no-brainer to start using better and more ecologically-sound alternatives to current product packaging.

Part of Better Packaging’s big mission is to increase awareness in home composting! One of the small but critical things that 7.7 BILLION people do on a daily basis is eat, and in our interview Kate shares what she thinks about sending food scraps to landfill (did we mention that the Dirtbag is also compostable?!). 

While countries such as around the globe are slowly starting to change their laws and common practices for the better, we discuss the nitty gritty as to where we still need to go when it comes to single-use items. 

Feels right? Check. 

Feels good? Check. 

Does good? Check. 

Fun-filled? Check. 

Now that all our boxes are ticked, it’s time to make the switch to the Dirtbag! Click the link below to listen to the full podcast with Kate from Better Packaging.