Warm. Stylish. Cruelty-Free

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Both Bandit and I got to strut our stuff down the runaway during Toronto Fashion Week, while sporting Wuxly Movement, a brand that continues to prove outerwear can be warm, stylish and cruelty-free! The whole experience was memorable; from the moment Bandit and I stepped foot & paw into the Fashion House, we were immediately greeted by the Wuxly team and escorted to our grooming zones. Bandit was stationed in a play room among other furry friends while I was brought backstage to the beauty zone buzzing with chatter and excited models. My hair was styled by Redken and makeup by Dalish Cosmetics (a vegan, cruelty-free brand, yes please!). Before we knew it, both Bandit and I were reunited and waiting in line for our turn to show off our fashionable attire down the runaway. We’re thrilled to have participated in such a great show, among other supporters of ethical fashion.

Wuxly Movement are not only advocates for animal rights but also demonstrate inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry. What's not to love? #LiveWarm #TOTFW

Photos courtesy of George Pimentel