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I'll never forget the moment when Greg, the CFO at Venus Concept said to me at the end of my first interview "Tania, do you like to travel?". Those words sent a jolt of excitement down my spine, I'm not psychic but at that moment I knew my life would change forever.. and it did. Just a couple of months into my Marketing Communications role, I was doing what I do best... orchestrating photo/video shoots, digital campaigns followed by themed events, I was making medical aesthetics sexy, Internationally
My experience working at Venus was a whirlwind.. I absolutely loved it. The people, the places, the products.. it was my new world and I couldn't get enough of it. I flew to Italy, Spain, California, NYC, France and even India to name a few - helping the public & some of the world's most recognized physicians reach their beauty ideals through non-invasive technology became my new mantra, I lived it for 3 years. This opportunity developed my desire for travel, exploring different markets/cultures and allowed me to reach the confidence & know-how to execute my creative ideas.. globally. I noticed that I was the most creative in the sky. While most people passed time by watching Hollywood films, I spent it jotting down new ideas, strategies and vision board planning (more on vision boards later - they really do work). There's something about flying that makes me feel so alive, on top of the world - like anything is possible. It may very well be due to the elevation, but there's something about traveling alone that heightens my senses and gets my creative juices flowing. Do you get inspired when you travel? When are you the most creative? 

I will forever be grateful for Venus Concept as it made me acknowledge the value behind my skills and gave me the extra push I needed to re-enter the world of entrepreneurship and take my career to new "heights". This is called lifestyle design - something lots of millennials live and breath each day by working anywhere in the world while monetizing their social networks. 

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